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    Welcome to School of Tourism of Hainan University
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Hainan University, officially established in August 2007 with the approval of the Ministry of Education, is a national key comprehensive university. It is the merger of the former South China University of Tropical Agriculture (SCUTA) and the former Hainan University (HU). As one of the national 211 Project universities, it is jointly supported by the Ministry of Education and the Hainan Provincial Government. It has an enrollment of over 31,000 full-time students, including more than 25,000 undergraduates and over 2,700 postgraduates in masters and doctoral programs. Boasting complete disciplines, reasonable structure and distinctive features, it is the only university in Hainan qualified to recommend excellent students to masters programs without entrance examinations. The University runs three campuses, namely Haidian, Chengxi, and Danzhou, covering an area of over 741 acres. Its main campus is located on Haidian Island of Haikou, the capital city of Hainan Province. Haidian Campus, built along the coast and dotted by lakes, enjoys beautiful tropical scenery and makes an ideal place for learning.

Founded in March 2000, School of Tourism of Hainan University is located in the scenic Haidian Campus. Integrating advanced educational philosophy, excellent teachers, modern teaching facilities, and beautiful environment, our School is the top institute in Hainan educating tourism management professionals. Our curriculum is designed in line with the actual development of the tourism-related industries and focuses on cultivating students innovative spirit and practical ability to meet their demands for professionals. Some majors and directions adopt flexible modes like the order-based training program according to changes and demands of the job market. We have conducted extensive cooperation with tourist sites and international hotels. We have signed internship or cooperative cultivation agreements with over twenty well-known star hotels and travel agencies and other tourism enterprises like Hilton. In 2007, our School was named as one of Chinas Top 10 Hospitality Industry Professionals Training Bases. Our School offers four masters programs and five bachelors programs, of which the tourism management major consists of three directions and the marketing major has two directions. Tourism management is a provincial-level key discipline in Hainan. We have an enrollment of about 2,600 full-time students, who come from all over China. We are among the schools with the most diverse majors/directions and the largest number of students in Hainan University. Our School boasts a faculty with high-level education and reasonable age structure: over 98% of our teachers hold doctoral or masters degrees, 54% are professors and associate professors, 40% are Ph.D.s., 30% have studied abroad and 2 teachers are awarded the title of Top Ten Teachers of Hainan University. We invite renowned experts, scholars and entrepreneurs as guest professors. Distinguished scholars and industry elites worldwide give lectures and conduct academic exchanges regularly in our School.

Our School has five research centers, including the Research Center for Tourism Development and Planning, the Research Center for Tourism Business Development and Service Management, and the Research Center for Language and Intercultural Communication. Over the past five years, our faculty has undertaken 11 National Natural Sciences Fund Projects, 2 National Social Sciences Fund Projects, 5 National Soft Science Projects, 12 key National Tourism Administration Projects, and more than 30 provincial-level projects. Our teachers have published articles in many international academic journals and won Hainan Provincial Prizes of Science and Technology Progress. We warmly welcome students from all over China! Our excellent study environment and first-class teaching staff will build a solid foundation for your future develpment.

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