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    Catering and Restaurant

On-campus Catering

On campus, there are fast food restaurants and cafes at convenient locations that offer a wide range of local delicacies, exotic cuisines, western food,  coffee, pastries and healthy vegetarian food, where you can enjoy foods at a reasonable price. You can get a campus card for meals with your passport at the Card Center on campus upon arrival. After you get your student ID card, you can go and update your campus card for more functions (such as buying meals and borrowing books from the University Library). The card costs 20 yuan and you can recharge it when the money is used up. Please remember your card number in case you lose it. There is a Muslim restaurant on the second floor of the No. 2 Student Canteen.

Off-Campus Catering

Going off campus, you can easily find restaurants serving exotic cuisines such as South-east Asian, European, Japanese, etc, around the three gates.

What is worthy to be mentioned is that there are specialties provided along the NO. 3 Haidian West Rd.for dinners right out of the south gate. You are strongly recommended to have a food hunting with your friends there!



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