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On campus there are ATMs of Construction Bank of China, Communication Bank of China, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China. The nearest sub-branch of Bank of China is about 500 meters opposite to the North Gate. It deals with foreign exchange business. In addition, the sub-branch of Agriculture Bank at the right side of the North Gate is about 200 meters away, where you can pay your tuition fee.


You can shop either on campus or in the supermarkets nearby. You can even shop in downtown shopping centres such as Mingzhu Square, Wanghai International Shopping Mall, TR-Mart and Carrefour, etc.


You can either go to the University Hospital on the right side of the South Gate or Haikou Municipal People’s Hospital opposite to the East Gate. Please dial 120 for emergency.


There is a photo shop known as OK Picture on campus.


(1) TaxiInitial price is 10 yuan (3 kilometres) and 2 yuan per kilometre afterwards. You can pay the price based on the meter. Ask for a receipt before you get off in the event of something getting lost or left in the taxi, which may help you out.

(2) BusThere is a network of buses within the vicinity of Hainan University. All of the routes are easily accessible to students. The fares are charged according to kilometers, they are 1 yuan, 2 yuan, 3 yuan, 5 yuan per person. Because most buses do not have a conductor, you must prepare sufficient change for the fare. Be aware of your personal belongings when taking a bus. The following are the bus numbers that pass the university:

■ North gate51115172023263054; 57

■ East gate  511151719202123 26303644

■ South gate7

(3) Campus BusThe bus goes on campus, 1 yuan each time per person. Please prepare your change.

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