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HU offers quiet and cozy dorms inside the No. 15 dormitory building (CICE building) for each international student, allowing all dormitory members to learn to  be independent and interact closely with students of different backgrounds under the same roof.

As for the supplementary set-ups, there are six coin-operated washing machines in the laundry room on the first floor. For Chinese immersion activities, an experiencing center where students can have after-class reunions for learning and practicing Chinese is on the second floor. College library for book worms is open during office hour on the first floor.  Near the gate of  the CICE building locates Office of International Students Accommodation, where you can find managers on duty  around the clock to provide assistance for all residents.

1. Must I register at the local police station after I return from aboard, or from Hong Kong, or Macao, or Taiwan?

    Yes. You must register at the local police station within 24 hours right after you return from abroad, or from Hong Kong, or Macao, or Taiwan.

If you live on campus, you must go to Office of the International Students’ Accommodation to pick up “Confirmation of Accommodation on Campus” first.

 2. What procedures should I go through for accommodation?

If you have reserved your accommodation in advance, please make your way to the Office of the International Students’ Accommodation, and show your passport and Admission Letter, pay the accommodation deposit, you can get the key to your room. Then please go to the Renmin Ave. Police Station to do the accommodation registration with “Confirmation of Accommodation on Campus”. Next, please remember to make the payment at Cashier's Office (Office 110). Make sure that you remember your room number and keep the receipt well.

3. How is the accommodation fee calculated

  If you have received the Admission Letter from this university and have reserved your room beforehand, you should pay the fee for the whole semester according to the size of the rooms. A semester refers to the regulated period shown on the College Calendar. Summer and winter Holidays should be paid by days. You are responsible for your own expenses involving water, electricity and Internet bills.

4. Can I share a single room with another person?


5. How can I connect the internet with my room?

  You can apply to China mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom on the campus for the Internet connection. You need to pay the expenses yourself.

6. Can I swap a room?

Yes, you can do it provided that there is a surplus one. And the swap is subject to ratification issued by the Office for International Students.

  7. Can I continue to stay during the summer and winter Holidays?

Yes. But the room is charged according to its size, and the fee should be paid in advance. It’s 25 yuan per day for a single room35 yuan or 45 yuan per day for a double room.

8. How can I deal with the procedures of staying on during summer and holiday vocations?

   Please register at the Office for International Students two weeks prior to the vocations.

9. Can I book a room in advance?

   Yes, you can. But the number of the rooms is limited. You could come to Office for International Students to book or send an e-mail to for booking. We could keep the room till one day before new semester’s registration date.

10. When can I pay the accommodation fee for next semester?

You can pay before the end of each semester for next semester, including the room fee of summer and winter holidays.

11. Can I get the refund of my dorm fee?

  (1) If you move out of the dorm with acceptable reasons and stay less than a period of thirty days, you will receive 80% of deduction based on the standard rate the University has set.

  (2) If you break the accommodation rules or regulations, you are demanded to move out of the dorm. If you have stayed for more than thirty days, you cannot get any refund, but you can get your deposit back.

12. How can I pay electricity and water bills?

   Electricity is utilized and purchased based on your needs, but once it is purchased, there is no refund. It can be purchased at the Card Service Center. The electricity is set at 0.67 yuan per light (electricity currently costs 0.67 yuan per light, only for reference).

   Water is charged in accordance with the amount shown on the meter. (Water currently costs 2.72 yuan/ ton, only for reference).

13. How can I pay for laundry?

There is an automatic launderette within the dormitory. Three yuan is for one time and one-yuan coins are accepted.

14. How can I check out after the new semester has begun?

First, please inform the Office of Accommodation Service five business days in advance. Second, please return the key to the staff in charge at least one hour before your departure. Third, please sort out your bills, and claim the refund if the facilities of the room are in good condition. Otherwise, you have to pay for the original price of the items.

15. What will happen to me if I don’t deal with check-out when my accommodation is due?

   The Office of Accommodation Service has the right to enter the room and remove your things out of it as waste. The Office will not take any responsibility for it.

16. What will happen to my room if I leave the University without informing the Office of Accommodation Service?

   Your room will be available for a week only if you don’t inform the Office for International Students or the Office of Accommodation Service about your departure. You should be responsible for the consequences.

17. What if the facilities in my room are damaged?

Ask the Office of Accommodation Service for repair without delay. There is no charge if the damage is caused by fair wear and tear. If the damage is caused by you, you should be responsible for the cost of repair or for the new one.  

18. What if I leave the key in my room?

Ask Office of Accommodation Service for help along with your student ID card or your passport.

19. Can my relatives or friends share the room with me?


20. Can I invite friends to my room?

   Yes. They should tell the staff on duty at the Office of Accommodation Service. Visitors are not allowed to stay after 23:00.

21. Can I have a party in my room or in the dorm?


22. Can I keep pets in my room?


23. Can I live off the campus?

   Yes, you can. You should first register the new address in the local police station within a week, and then inform the Office for International Students. You should be responsible for your own safety, property and any other matters concerned.

24. Can I rent or lend my room to others?

No. If you do it, you are demanded to return the room and will be fined 500 yuan. You have to move out of the dorm.








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