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    Short-term program

● Program Description

Hainan University is the most southern comprehensive key university for the 211 Project in China, by selecting as the national "Double First-Class" construction university with the Ministry of Education and the Hainan Provincial Government. Hainan University has four campuses, covering an area of more than 6073 mu, with 36 colleges including more than 42,000 full-time students, 33,000 ordinary undergraduates, 7,000 master's students, 800 doctoral students, and nearly 500 international students and international exchange students.

Hainan University is a demonstration base for the Ministry of Education to study in China and the national Chinese language education base of the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council, also it’s the test site of the National Chinese Language Level Examination (HSK). Hainan University has established a complete"bachelor-master-doctor" international students’ talent training system, providing full-time academic programs and non-academic programs for international students in China.

"Contemporary China — Beautiful New Hainan" is the "Chinese Bridge" online group exchange project undertaken by our school and Cooperation Center of the Ministry of Education of China. The project conducts courses centering on the national conditions of "contemporary China". On the basis of understanding the development of contemporary China's economic and cultural aspects of China, it focuses on the construction of Hainan Free Trade Port to introduce the rapid development process of Hainan to students, so that students can understand China and Hainan.

The program lasts for 10 days, free study and completion certificate after completion of the course. Students who participate in the training of this project and obtain the certificate of completion will be preferentially invited to participate in various Chinese cultural Tour&Research activities organized by our school, and will be given priority to providing various scholarships to study in Hainan University.Welcome to Southeast Asian people interested in Chinese and Chinese culture to participate.  

● Activity content

Taking the form of online winter camp and It includes language courses, contemporary Chinese courses, cultural courses, Hainan free trade port construction and folk customs introduction, etc.

● Activity Form

Real-time teaching + online activities + video courses

Note: The activity does not involve the study visa and accommodation related matters, so the relevant services or documents are not provided.

● Activity time

February 19-28,2022

● Enrollment objects

Non-Chinese, No age limit, all Southeast Asian nationals who are interested in Chinese culture and Chinese can sign up. We prepare to enroll 100 students for this online activity.

● Application method

Fill in the Application Form of Chinese Bridge Online Exchange Program of Hainan University, and send the signed form together with the passport homepage scan piece to the email address before January 19,2022.

● Cost

All the course costs shall be borne by the event organizer, and the students personally do not need to pay the costs.

● Activity schedule


AM 8:00 -11:30  ( Beijing Time)

PM 15:00-17:30

( Beijing Time)

February 19th

Language Course

Contemporary China

February 20th

Language Course

Tai Chi

February 21st

Language Course

Contemporary China

February 22nd

Language Course


February 23rd

Language Course

Hainan Free Trade Port Construction and Customs Introduction

February 24th

Language Course

Hainan Free Trade Port Construction and Customs Introduction

February 25th

Language Course

Contemporary China

February 26th

Language Course


February 27th

Language Course

Contemporary China

February 28th

Language Course

Traditional Chinese Painting


1. This activity schedule is for your reference only. The specific arrangement will be fine-tuned according to the actual situation. For details, please refer to the final version released before the class starts.

2.For information about the course, please email to Ms. Li  

● Contact information

Contact person: Ms. Xu  Ms. Zhou

Contact number: 86-898-66286676

Contact email:

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  • Tel:0898-66291354(Enrollment consultation) 0898-66286673、0898-66263581(Fax)
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