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General Requirements:

Applicants should be non-Chinese citizen in good health over 18 years old, under 45 years old for Degree Programs , under 60 years old for Language Programs. Well-behaved and capable of living independently. Be obligated to observe Chinese laws and university’s regulations. Respecting Chinese culture and customs is also imperative, and fulfilling all the conditions of Chinese Entry-exit.

For Degree Programs Applicants:

  1. Applicants for undergraduate programs must provide a high school diploma or equivalent; Applicants for postgraduate programs must complete their undergraduate studies and obtain a bachelor degree or equivalent; Applicants for Ph.D programs must complete their graduate studies and obtain a Master degree or equivalent.
  2. Language Requirements:

    Applicants for Chinese taught programs should be capable of studying courses in Chinese and obtain HSK level 4 (or above) certificate when applying. Undergraduate students majoring in Chinese language is required to pass HSK level 6 before graduation. And those who are doing Chinese taught degree programs in other majors must pass HSK level 5 before graduation.

    Applicants from non-English speaking countries for English taught programs should be capable of studying courses in English and obtain a IELTS 6.0, or TOEFL 560, TOEFL iBT 78 certificate.



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